Saturday, September 12, 2009

a dialogue..

for the first time i feel that instead of putting up sketches only ...i wanna speak for them.... (may be this is out of the doubt that 'donno my sketches r speaking out for themselve or not??!!')
However this is an appeal to all those who visit this blog to leave a signature the form of comment/compliment/suggestion or what ever they feel......i want to consider that as a support that will make my way of movin on.. with this "bad habit"!!!!!!

Thanks all who have till date supported me!!!!
Thanks to ma frnds n family!
Luv u alll :)

A lot more to come soon ....Keep Visiting!!! :D


Anonymous said...

Actually i wud be a good idea to describe ur sketches ... wat they depict etc etc ... Nice sketches otherwise :)

Aparna said...

hey thanks for the idea...n for the appreciation!!!