Saturday, September 12, 2009

a full veiw.....shud i complete it !!! :) :)

socho ki jheeloon ka shahar ho......

i was making it the same day i have made the calender sketch..however left it incomplete...uske baad kabhi complete kar hi nahi payi...mann bhi nahi kiya..may b i like it just like ths :)

I look forward to comments on this.....tell me whether the baby is laughing/crying or wat u thinkk!!!?? :)

a charcoal sketch

a dialogue..

for the first time i feel that instead of putting up sketches only ...i wanna speak for them.... (may be this is out of the doubt that 'donno my sketches r speaking out for themselve or not??!!')
However this is an appeal to all those who visit this blog to leave a signature the form of comment/compliment/suggestion or what ever they feel......i want to consider that as a support that will make my way of movin on.. with this "bad habit"!!!!!!

Thanks all who have till date supported me!!!!
Thanks to ma frnds n family!
Luv u alll :)

A lot more to come soon ....Keep Visiting!!! :D

this is a scene from a calender....2008!

Object drawing..

Lake Garden....very near to our clg

Learning ONE point perspective!

An actual scene at my sister's place...

I was sitting at my sister's place on the floor...this is what i saw on the table..

aapki nazron ne samjhaaa...!!

An old sketch

Friday, September 4, 2009

just another portrait

This one was done in March of 2009. I was sitting in our college library (SCMLD), Pune.