Monday, August 26, 2013

Denim Upcycling - Handbag

Denims – one of my favorite subjects to make new crafts! So this time I thought why not make something that is of use and very different..  Thus came the idea of making  a bag out of the old denim. As I had already made a skirt out of my old jeans, I used the leftover of the same jeans to make this bag. Check out the easy tutorial below:

Materials Required:
  • An old denim jeans/jacket/whatever you have
  • A cloth for lining 1 mtr
  • Needle and matching threads
  • Sewing Machine
  • Embellishments to decorate (optional)

Cut out the denim in various sized squares rectangles:

Now join these pieces together to make a rug of the desired size (depending on the bag size you want and the fabric available). The rug will look like this when done:

Even out the edges of the rug to get a rectangle. Like in the picture below:

Ok after this I got so engrossed in the making of this bag that I completely forgot to click some of the pictures. So, for the tutorial I have shown the making of the bag in a different fabric. I hope it will serve the purpose :)

Now fold the fabric into half so that the right sides are together. And stitch the two opposite open ends.

Open the pouch and fold as shown in the picture below. The stitched line should be perpendicular to the bottom line of the pouch.

Stitch on the dotted line. Repeat the same on the other side. Now it will look like this.

Cut of the excess cloth and turn the bag right side up.

Don’t forget we are doing all this with the denim rug that we made, which will look like this from outside when the above step is done.

Repeat step 4 and 5 with the lining cloth. Except do not turn it right side up at the end.
Now place the lining (wrong side up), inside the denim bag (right side up).

This will make the bag look like it is stitch-less as no stitching will be visible nor from outside or inside of the bag.

Add a piping on the top edge in order to join the denim and lining together. For piping, you will have to cut bias strips 1.5 to 2inch broad from the lining fabric.

Cut strip of 2.5 to 3 inch wide and desired length of denim and lining fabric to make the handles. First stitch 1 denim and 1 lining fabric strip together with their right side together. Leave one side open to turn in back to right side. Now make some stitches from the right side to give it the look. Do the same with the second set.

Add the strips as handles and add embellishments if you like. For embellishments that I have made and put on this bag you can check out the Fabric flower tutorials Here and Here.

Last but not the least, if you try this craft at home, do share the photographs of the finished work with us. It is always a pleasure to look at your work. It keeps me inspired. 

Have Fun and Keep Crafting.


Shilpa Mishra said...

You are superb Aparna.........Loved it....Make one for me and let me know the pricing :))
You are going places I can see it :D

Aparna Jain said...

Thank you so much mam! It feels great to receive appreciation from you!

Surely will make one for you!
Thanks once again!

Mahika Arora said...

awesomeeee is the limit for you girl!...make one for me aswell..:P i don have sewing machine here else would have definitely tried...:D

Aparna Jain said...

Hey Mahika,
Thank you sooo much! I will surely make it one for u too... but where do i send ;-) hehe! Come down to my home and it will be yours! :) <3 <3