Monday, August 12, 2013

Fabric Flower – Ribbons 1

Satin ribbons are the most ubiquitous material available at any crafters stash. Even if you are not a regular crafter, you can find they in any general store/ stationary shop or a crafts supply store. Here is a new use to them. Make these beautiful flowers with sating ribbons with the help of the tutorial below:

Material Required:

  • Ribbons
  • Needle and Thread OR Fabric Glue

Cut the ribbon in the desired length (12-15inch). Fold one corner of the ribbon into a triangle, as shown in the picture below:

Now, start rolling the ribbon from this folded corner, to make the center bud of the flower. Secure it with a stitch using your needle and thread. Or you can use a glue gun, I prefer stitching as it make the flower more sturdy!

Now again fold the ribbon backwards to make it perpendicular to its current position.

Now roll again and secure with a stitch.

Keep repeating this step, until you get the rose of desired size.

In the end, secure the end of the ribbon properly so that it does not frays off. Here are the pics of some of the finished roses. I love them hope you like them too! :)

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