Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fabric Flowers Stems - 1

Since long I have been thinking to make something for the empty, lonely wodden flower vase in my living room... It is beautiful with carving all over it and really needs some pretty flowers to complete it self.
So, I decided to make make some flower sticks that can be put together to complement my vase.

Here's a look at the first stick and the tutorial for which is below

I am soon going to make many more and will keep updating on how to make them for all the people who wish to decorate their homes with a personal touch!

Material Required:

  • Fabric - Stockings
  • Craft Wire
  • Cotton
  • Thread
  • Green Tape 
Please note that all these items are easily available on any craft shop in India. Ask for materials for flower making and they will give it you. its that easy peasy :)

STEP 1: Making the buds:

Make small balls of cotton and cover them up with stocking fabric. Secure it by tying with a thread. You can make any no. of buds, as per your wish to put up on the stem.  Also, making them in different sizes will make it look more real.

STEP 2: Making the stem/stick

Take the craft wire and cut the main stem (center) as per the length you require. Then cut small wire peices to add as branches on the main stem. Join the branches (small wires) by rolling them on to the main stem at desired places.
STEP 3: Adding the buds

Now, add the buds on the branches and stem. (Tip: first do a mock by placing different buds at different places on the stem and decide what you like best). Tie the buds properly and tightly.

STEP 4: Covering the stem

Now, start covering the stem with the green tape. This tape is stretchable and releases glue when stretched. hence when you roll it in the stem, stretch and roll, so that it sticks to the stem automatically.

It will look like this when complete:

STEP 5: you can add some flowers to it too. Refer to the basic flower making tutorial here.
In the flower that I have added here the only thing different is that I have added the stamens to the flower stem first, as shown below:
Then add the petals to it. Add one or more flowers to the stick already prepared: The final result of mine looked like this: 
You can either chose to make many sticks of similar type and put it in your vase, or you can make different flowers and add a mix of them.

Do share the photographs of the the flowers made by you in the comments. I will be delighted to showcase them on my blog.

Till the next tutorial comes Have Fun and Keep Crafting!

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