Friday, August 9, 2013

Fabric Flowers - Basic Stocking Flower

Stocking flowers look very graceful and are easy to make. Here is the tutorial for Basic Stocking flower

Material Required:

  1. Stockings
  2. Crafting Wire – Silver or Golden
  3. Thread
  4. Scissors or pliers
  5. Colorful Stamen
Cut the wire in desired length using Pliers or scissors (the longer the wire the bigger the petals of the flower). I have cut 6 pieces of 4inch length.

 STEP 2:
Shape the wire in the desired petal shape. Like drop shape or heart shape:

Cut the stockings in small squared which can cover these wire petals. I have cut them in to squares of 1.5 inch each.

As shown in the pictures below; keep the wire petal frame to one corner of the square stocking piece. Hold. Then stretch and cover the frame with stocking. Tie it in place using thread. Cut of the excess material.

When all the petals are ready, we tie them up to make the flower. Here I have taken 2 peach color stamen. Fold the stamen from the centre as shown in the picture and keep it on the petal. Tie them together. Now keep on adding the petals and tie them together. Adjust the petals and their shape. The Flower is ready.

Finishing – After the step 5 the flower is complete but is untidy from the back. So, you can either cover it up with the green tape available in the market or like I did add a piece of green stocking and cover it up !

You can make them in different shapes:

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