Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fabric Flowers – Ribbons 2

This is the second type of flower you can make using the satin ribbons which are very easily available in the market. Yo can use different colors and make a beautiful bouquet to decorate your home or to gift it to a friend! The DIY tutorial is as below:

Material Required:
  • Ribbons
  • Needle and matching Thread
  • Fabric – one square of 2inch
  • Fabric Glue

Cut a piece of ribbon 12 to 15 inch long. Secure its end from fraying by exposing it to fire flames for just a second on each end. (As the ribbons that we get here have Nylon in it, they tend to curl up in itself when exposed to heat. Hence it does not burn, but stops the ribbon from fraying). I did it on cooking gas J
Now do a running stitch on one edge of the ribbon – length wise. 

Pull the thread in order to gather the ribbon.  Keep aside. Do not put a knot in the thread or cut it.

Now take the square piece and do running stitch on all four side. Pull the thread to gather it. Tie and secure. Spread and adjust in order to make a nice, neat circle. This will make the center of our flower.

Now, pull the thread of the red ribbon tightly and secure the ends together. It will look like this from the back:

Now add the black center piece to the flower either by stitching them together or glue them. Add a stem to it and your flower is ready. Make many to put in your favorite vase J

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