Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Turorial for a new Rose

Hi Friends,

This is a post for which i have received special request to put up the tutorial so here I am.

Material Required:

  • Handmade plain thin paper OR even an A4 cartridge paper will do fine
  • Inkpad (if you dont have the same, you can use the ink pipe of a sketch pen - the one which is inside it)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Embossing Tool, if you dont have that make use of a toothpick
Step 1:
Cut 8 petals of each size as shown in the picture below:

Step 2:
Ink the edges. This step is not compulsory, but this is the step which give the rose a realistic look.

Step 3:
Using an embossing tools curl the petals from the back side (not the side which you have inked, the other side)

Step 4:
Now start constructing the flower by rolling the small petals first, as shown below. and then keep adding the petals as shown in the pictures below. 

Stick all the petals, one overlapping over another. And voila!! the beautiful rose is ready!

I used it on a Thankyou card that I made. You can use it the way you want! 

Keep Crafting and Have Fun!

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