Monday, September 2, 2013

Sling Bag - YOYO Fabric Flowers

I am back! Yes, and with the tutorial I promised for. The Handbag/Sling bag tutorial made from the YOYO Fabric Flowers...below

I have here given an explanation on how to make a sling bag from YOYO Flowers, where as if you want you make any kind of bag or any thing more creative out of these flowers using different ways to arrange then or just play with the colors!

Material Required:
  • For the sling bag (I have made in 2 colors)
  • 16 pink color YOYO flowers
  • 16 Black color YOYO flowers
  • Fabric - Black/Pink or both for the bag
  • Chain/Zipper - Optional
  • String 
Join the YOYO flowers together by putting up a knot between two, and so on.. Make sure the knots are not visible from the front side. For the front and back of the bag, join the yoyo's and make 2 squares of  16 yoyo's. It will look as shown below from front and back.

(Please note: Here I have not put the embellishments on the flowers at first, as they create a bit of problem when sewing the bag. So I added them in the end, when the bag was complete.)


Make the base/bag. Measure the dimension of the sqaure formed from the YOYO's. Add a 3/4 to 1 cm margin to it for sewing and cut two pieces of fabric. If you are using a thin fabric you can also add lining to the bag (as shown in the Denim Up-cylce Handbag). 

Once the bag is ready, add these YOYO squares on both sides of the bag by making small knot under each flower and tying it up with the bag surface. 

Add the string and ta-dahh, you super cool string bag is ready!

You can also make it in one or multi-colors
You can also add zipper to it - like I have :)
Make a string of your own and attach for more personalized look!
You can also make the string and cover it with YOYO's for a more yoyo look ;)

The possibilities are endless! So, keep sharing your work with me, i would love to see them!
Till then Have Fun and Keep Crafting! :)

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