Monday, September 23, 2013

Thank you Greeting Card with Paper Flower

I made this Thank you card for my Doctor! Yes, and he is yet to receive it. I am going to make more of these to express my gratitude to people who have helped me be who I am today. 
Also, that some of you might be interested in learning how to make it. So, please find the tutorial for the same below:
Material Required:
  • Card (use a thicker card paper like Ivory sheet)
  • Colored paper sheets in at least 2 colors
  • Ribbons
  • Paper Flower (Lear how to make this flower HERE)
  • Double sided tape
  • Sentiment - printed on a paper of your choice
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Cut a craft paper on the size just a bit smaller to the from side of the card.
Add this layer of paper using double sided tape to the card. This is to give the card some dimension/3-D effect.
 STEP 2:
Add the the second layer (preferably in contrasting color) on the first layer. (This paper to be cut smaller that the first layer). Also before sticking it add the piece of ribbon, so that the edges are sandwiched between the two layers. As shown below:

Add the sentiment. You can add some color to it by outlining the letter with a color. Also add more depth by adding another layer under the paper. Using a double sided tape stick it to the base.
I have added 3 rhinestones below it to add that bling to it!

Stick the paper flower (tutorial for which you can find HERE), and you card is ready.

TIP: Always try out different arrangements and then choose the one you like most. Only after that you should actually start putting them together with glue/tape.

Do share the picture of the crafts you make using the tutorials. It is always a pleasure! Till then,

Have Fun and Keep Crafting!

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