Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fabric Flower Tutorial DIY – Denim Flower:

Every one has that one pair of denims that they have completely worn out and still do not feel like giving it away! Here is one of the way to recycle the denim fabric that you can get from your (or your siblings'/friends/family members/etc ;-) ) Make these denim flowers and use them to refashion you tops, skirts or whatever you think of! The tutorial is below:

Material Required:

  1. Denim/jeans fabric – you can use you old, worn out jeans for this OR left overs from an earlier project from old denims!
  2. Measuring Tape/Scale
  3. Scissors
  4. Pencil/Marker
  5. Needle and Thread
  6. Beads/Buttons/Threads/Glitter - to decorate


Cut the fabric into 5 squares:
2 square of 3.5 inch
1 square of 3 inch
1 square of 2.75 inch
1 square of 2.5 inch


Now cut out pieces of the shape shown below from all the five squares. These may not be perfectly shaped. Its raw edges and imperfection will give the character to this flower.


You can assemble it now with the smallest flower on top and the biggest at the back. Adjust as per your requirement. Put a rhinestone or button in the centre to decorate. I did the same, but as my jeans was pretty worn out the flower looked flat. So I did the following to make it pop up:


Take the smallest piece and sew the centre to make it pop up a bit, as shown in the picture below:


Now add the layers in the ascending order behind the first piece. Then make some stitches across the center of all the layers to back of the flower as shown in the second picture below. This will make the flower look more fuller and better!


Decorate using stomes/beads/buttons, whatever you like or have available with you. I added a button to the centre and then some glitter to the petals, to make it look more glamorous!


  • Stick it on - with a neck piece/dress/bag/gift box to decorate
  • Add a safety pin at the back and you can use it to put on a dree or on a bag
Below I have put this and flowers from Flower YOYO tutorial on a skirt that I made from my old jeans. (tutorial for the same here ). There's a picture of my husband and me, where I am in this skirt on our vacation to Goa! afterwords I added these embellishments to it!!!

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