Monday, April 28, 2014

Blossoms Paper Flower Tutorial

Hi everybody!
As promised in my previous post, today I am going to post the tutorial for the Blossoms flowers which i have made and put on the Monochrome Pink card that I made, you can see it HERE.

This flower is very similar to the Paper Rose tutorial that i had posted a few months back. you can actually say that this is a new version of the same, as the basis for making both the flowers is same!
Here you go!

Material Required:

  • Paper (you can also use paper scraps available with you, or the card stock you are using for your card can be used, so that you get matching flowers!)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Draw a circle on the back side of the paper. The bigger/fluffier you want the rose the bigger the circle and vice-verse.
Make the spirals as shown below on the circle. Remember it need not be perfect, in fact the more imperfect it is the more natural flower will look. 

Cut along the spiral lines. This will make your paper look like this:

Cut the petals along the spiral. For this you can either draw the petals first and then cut or just go as per the flow.

 Make sure that the petals are cut on the outer edge of the spiral and they are NOT cut too deep, else the spiral may break in between.

 When you cut the petals all along the spiral it will look like this:

To make your flower look more natural, we will curl the petals using a thin stick (here i have used a toothpick).

 Once all the petals are curved it will look like this:

Now we will roll this spiral to make the flower! Start rolling from the outer edge of the spiral - inwards. Make sure the curl of petals is outwards when you start rolling. Like this:

Keep rolling until the end. It will look like this from backside:

 STEP 6:
Add glue to the inner end of the spiral and stick the flower together:

The final flower will look like this:


  • Once the rolling is done, let the flower take its own shape by letting it lose. This is also the time to adjust the petals if you want.
  • You can also use distress inks to ink the petals as per color of your choice to match the color scheme of your project. It also gives more dimension to the flowers.

I hope you find the tutorial easy to follow. In case there are any questions please feel free to leave a comment below. Also refer the Paper Rose tutorial for an easier version of this flower HERE.
Till then,
Have Fun and Keep Crafting! 


Jasleen said...

Awesome tutorial, Aparna. I appreciate the efforts you put into making these lovely roses.Thanks. Will try.

One small request, please turn off the word verification in your settings. It will be really easier to comment here. You may keep the moderation on if you wish, though.

Aparna Jain said...

Hey Jasleen, Thankyou for the feedback! Do share the pictures of your work if you try!!


Ketan Jani said...

Great. Good detailing of procedure. Such hard beautiful things make very simple. Keep it up.

Ketan Jani said...

Great. Good detailing of procedure. Such hard beautiful things make very simple. Keep it up.