Monday, May 5, 2014

Tutorial - Making a Shadow Box/Frame

Hello Everybody!

Today I am going to share a tutorial on how to make this shadow box/ Frame using paper.
For the tutorial read below:

Material Required:

  • Paper (preferable with high gsm - thick paper)
  • Pencil, Scale
  • Scissores/paper cutter
  • Scoring tool
  • Glue
  • Decoration Material (optional)

Cut the paper as per the required dimensions.
Example: If you want the final frame (inner dimensions) to measure 4inch by 5inch, then you will need a paper piece measuring 8inch by 10inch.
Calculation to be done by adding 2+2=4 inch on one side (here i have added 4+2+2=8inch)
and adding 2.5+2.5 to the other side: 5+2.5+2.5=10inch.
[*you will understand in the next step that why we have added 4inch to one side and 5 to other]

Score every half inch on all four sides, i.e. 1/2", 1", 1 1/2", 2".

On two sides score 2 1/2" lines (on the 10 inch sides - because here we added 2.5 on each side)

You card stock will look like this:

Cut down the shaded areas, as shown in the picture above. Make crisp fold on all the scored lines.
Now you will be left with the piece as shown below:
Because I have used a paper which is one sided, I am going to paste another paper to the inside of the frame so that it looks neat. If your paper has design on both side you can skip this step.

Apply glue on the oter most fold on all four sides and roll them in to stick to the base:

Now, add glue to the flaps left, and stick them to finish the corners of the Frame.

Now you can decorate the frame as per your wish!! I have made some flowers to match the colors of the frame and put them together. 

You can also find the tutorials to make these flowers as below:
Black Flower HERE
Golden Flowers HERE

I hope you will love this and share the pics of the projects that you make using this frame. If you have any queries regarding this tutorial please feel free to leave a comment below. Till then,

Have Fun and Keep Crafting!! :)

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