Monday, May 19, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Paper Bow - 1

Hi Everybody!

Many time it so happens that we are involved in a project and we realize that we do not have a ribbon to match the colors scheme of the project and we so so want to put a bow on it! What to do....?? Here is an easy way our...make a paper bow and use it on your project!!!
Below is the picture of one such card I made where i have used a paper bow, because i did not have a matching ribbon!

This is the easiest paper bow that can be made. below is the tutorial:

Material Required:

  • Paper (matching to your project)
  • Scissors/ Paper cutter
  • Scale
  • Glue
  • Gems/Bling to decorate
 Measure and cut three strips of paper:
5.5" by 0.5"
4.5" by 0.5"
2" by 0.5"

Roll and glue the edges of the 5.5" strip. As shown below:

Then add a drop of glue on the inside of the ring and stick in such a manner that it make two equal loops. As shown below:

Repeat the process with 4.5" Strip.

Now, you have two such looped strips:

Glue these two looped strips together from the center, as shown below:

Roll over the third strip 2" by 0.5" on the center and adhere in place.

Decorate as per requirement and add to your project.

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