Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pom Pom - Tissue/Kite Paper Flowers

These colorful flowers can be used for decorating the house during festivals or just like that to add a touch of colors to your room! Learn how to make these easy and quick Pom Pom Tissue Flowers below: 
Material Required:
  • Tissue paper OR Kite paper in colors of your choice
  • Thread Or wire (whatever is available with you)
  • Scissors

Take 10 sheets of paper and stack them together.

TIP: In case you are making big flowers, the no. of sheets required will be more so that the flowers look fluffy. (the more sheets you take the more fluffier the flower). 

Now, Fold all the sheets in Fan style as shown in the picture below:


When you complete folding, mark the center of the paper and make very small cuts on both sides. As shown in the first picture below.
Then, tie the paper from the place where you have made the cut using wire or thread, whatever is available with you. As shown in the second pic below.
Next, shape the edges of the paper in the desired shape - A - like or more rounder, as you wish to. As shown in third pic below. 

Start opening every single sheet one by one. At this stage be a gentle on the paper as you can because if you are not, it will tear. So, slowly and steadily open up all the sheets and adjust them so that they look round.

Your Tissue/Kite Paper Flowers are ready! Use them to decorate you home creatively and do share with me, by adding the pictures in the comments box below. Till then,
Thank you,

Have Fun and Keep Crafting!

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