Monday, September 30, 2013

Three Pointer Origami Paper Flower

This three pointed Origami flower, can turn into a beautiful hangings above your dining space or in the living area! Learn how to make these colorful paper flowers below:

Material Required:
  • Paper in colors you like, cut in squares. 5 for one flower OR 60 for the full hanging (12 flowers)
  • Glue
  • String to attach, in case you want to hang it.
As shown in the picture below:
Take one square paper (1), fold it diagonally (2).
Then as shown in (3). 
Press open the fold made at (3) to make a shape as shown in (4)

As shown in the picture below:
Open the fold made in (4), as shown in (5).
Once done on both the side it will look like in (6) at the front side and back side.
Now, fold the upper triangle of these folds down, as shown in (7). 

Fold it againg as shown in the picture below. Now, join and stick using glue, side A to A. This will make one petal of the flower. 

Once the side A and A is joined together the petal will look as shown in the picture below:

Make 4 more and stick them together, to form one flower. 

Make 11 more flowers, and join all the 12 flowers together to make the hanging. 

Add the string at the desired place, with which you can suspend this beautiful flower bouquet anywhere in your house.

Do share with us, where have you put this paper hanging in your house! Till then,

Have Fun and Keep Crafting

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Suhana R Chhabria said...

Lovely Aparna.. Ur real talent is coming out now!!

Aparna Jain said...

Hey Suhana! Thank you so much!