Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to make a Photo Frame - Basic

How to make a Paper Photo Frame

You Need:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Paper for the top cover (it can either be a plain sheet or a decorative one depending on your choice)
  3. Glue/ Fevicol
  4. Pencil, Scissors/Paper Cutter

Step 1
Cut 2 pieces of cardboard 5 by 6 inch

Step 2
On one of the board measure 2 inch from each side and draw 2 inch wide border. This will be the front of our photo frame.

Step 3:
Using a paper cutter cut by this border line to get a frame which will be 2 inch wide.
Don’t throw the piece left over from this step, we will use it for making the stand of the frame. 

As shown in the pic below, the cardboard piece cutout from front frame piece can be used to make the stand for the frame. Just draw the lines as shown below and cut it along those lines. The Hexagonal piece will form the stand.

Step 4:
Take the paper you want to cover the front of the frame with. Keep the front piece on it and make the markings as shown below. Now, cut along the dotted lines:

Step 5:
The paper will look like in pics 1 below after cutting on the dotted lines. Now keep the front cardboard piece on the wrong side of the paper and fold and stick it, as shown in the pics below:

Step 6:
Cover the back piece cardboard with the desired paper. I have used a contrasting paper here.
On the front piece apply double sided tape on three sides. We are keeping one side open from where we can slide in and out the photograph. Peel of the tape and stick both the front and back pieces together.

Step 7:
Cover the hexagonal piece, that we had cut for the stand, with paper and attach it to the back side frame as shown in the picture below. Make sure the bottom line of both align.

Step 8:
Decorate the front side of the frame as you like!
Your photo frame is ready!!

Do not forget to share the pics of the stuff that you make with the help of the tutorials here! It is always a privilege for us to see your work!!

Thank you
Have Fun Keep Crafting! 

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