Monday, September 16, 2013

Paper Flowers - Rose

This is one of the easiest paper flower that I have ever made, with such beautiful results!! Check out how to make them below! 

I decided to make monochromatic roses with red leaves (just to experiment how would it look!). So, I have used black and white patterned papers and a red paper to make leave. You can also go the conventional ways and any other way you like! :)

Material required:
  • Paper (Preferably a thicker paper sheet) - colors and patterns u like!
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Scissors
If you want to arrange these flowers in a pot then you will need the items mentioned below. If not, and you are going to use them on greeting cards or elsewhere, skip the items below:
  • Craft wire for stems
  • Green Tape
  • Pliers

Draw a circle on the back side of the paper. The bigger/fluffier you want the rose the bigger the circle and vice-verse.

Make the spirals as shown below on the circle. Remember it need not be perfect, in fact the more imperfect it is the more natural rose will look. 

Cut along the spiral lines. This will make your paper look like this:

Start rolling the paper from the outer corner, inwards till the center. At first roll in firmly, once done just leave it and let the paper take its own space and shape. 

STEP 5: 
Add the glue to the center of the spiral and secure the flower.

Steps to add the stem:

Cut a wire of desired length, roll the green tape on it. You can add the leaves, at this point, if you wish to.

Bend a small part of the wire 90 degrees. Stick it to the flower by dabbing No-stitch glue on the flower and securing it with a small piece of paper.

Ta daahh!! your beautiful paper roses are ready to go! 

Please do share the pictures of the flowers you make using this tutorial! I always love to see your crafts!
Thank you!

Have Fun and Keep Crafting!

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