Monday, June 23, 2014

Pen Holder - from Toilet Paper Rolls

Hello Everyone,
Its been long since I wrote a post about Up-cycling. Hence today's post is an up cycling project I made a few days back.
One fine day my father in law was doing some of his office work at home and he felt the need of a pen holder on his computer table. He asked my mother in law to put up an old glass there, which would do the needful. That was the time I thought I should make one for him, which looks nice on his table and add some life to it ;)
So, i thought why not use something which I was about to throw??!! Yes the cores of the toilet/tissue paper rolls. Once they are empty we throw them away, but i could see them as the new Pen Holder!!!

Here's how it turned out to be. I am sorry i forgot to take the step by step photographs! But don't worry its too easy to make hence my step by step (without pics) tutorial will surely help you make one!
The final Result:

Material Required
Toilet Paper Roll (Core) OR Cardboard - using which you can make such rolls.
1 piece of cardboard for making the base (take any like from your shoe box - because you are going to cover it!)
Designer paper or fabric which ever you wish to cover these rolls with.
Stuff for decorating - Here I have used my handmade flowers and ready made leaves and pollen's, some buttons and ribbon from my stash. You can use anything you like.

Step 1:
Cover the cores in the paper or fabric of your choice neatly. You can cover one, two, three or more as per your requirement. You can also cut them in different heights as per your needs and to add a bit of drama to your designer pen holder ;)
Also i have added washi tape to cover the top end edges of the cores. This makes them look very neat and guess what... its easy!! :-D

Step 2:
Cut a base on which you will place these cores on. The shape and size it totally on your discretion. I have cut a Rectangular piece and later chopped of the edges. The base is needed to cover up the other end of the cores so that they can hold whatever you put in them.
Once cut cover it up in desired paper or fabric.

Step 3:
Glue the Cores on the ready base (made in Step 2) in the manner you like it!

Step 4:
Decorate as per your wish!!!

Your lovely Pen holder is ready to hold whatever you like! Do let me know if you liked this post. and dont forget to share the pictures of the stuff you make! A lot of people get inspired by them and i love it too!!
For any further queries do leave a comment below, i ll be happy to respond! Till then,

Have Fun and Keep Crafting!


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