Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fabric Flowers Stems - 2

Hey friends,
In line with my previous post on making stocking flowers for my wooden vase. I made these beautiful Hibiscus flowers. One thing amazing while working with wires to make stocking flowers is that you can make any flower! So I am sharing the tutorial for the same below:
Material Required:

  • Fabric - Stockings
  • Stem wire
  • Craft wire for petals
  • Green tape
  • Scissors and Thread
  • Pliers
  • Any round container (these will help to make the wire petals)

Make five wire petals with the help of the round container.

Cover them up with dark yellow/ orange/ read colored stockings. After covering them, now you can shape them to this shape (in picture below) - the shape of petals of hibiscus flower.
Prepare the stem by first wrapping 3 red stamen with the stem wire and then a bit lower 4 yellow/pink stamens. Then used the same colored stocking, that you are using for flowers, to cover the base of the stamens (as shown in the picture below). This will make the center of our flower.

STEP 3: Keeping the stem wire in center, add the petals one by one and tie them up using thread.

Ta-dahh... I made two of these and added to my previous stick. It looks like this now and there are many more sticks to add.
Till then Have Fun and Keep Crafting!

To have a look at the previous stick tutorial click HERE.


Anagha yeri said...

These are really too good appu.......... Even i want to make them :)!!!

Aparna Jain said...

Thank you Anagha! I hope my tutorials will help you to make these and add that flowery touch to your home. If you have any queries regarding the tutorial please feel free to post here!

nidhi puri said...

i m sooo in love with crafts again...btw make some good videos and post on you tube as well

Aparna Jain said...

Thanks Nidhi! and yes that is the next step!